Website Protection

If you have a business, either online or brick and mortar, or both and you have or want a website to help promote your business,how much do you know about keeping your website “healthy”?

Websites are built on software (lines of programming language codes that contain, generate and display your content, data and information.) Software is susceptible to hacking by programmers who are busily searching for websites that have loopholes in the software to exploit and gain access to the site, where they make changes to it, for personal gain, malice or to make a name for themselves.

Programmers of these software programs are constantly updating and upgrading, trying to close all the loopholes. The hackers are constantly finding new ones. It is a never-ending cycle. So, that means that websites built on these software programs must be constantly updated and upgraded too, so the hackers cannot get into them. Is there a person in your organization who does this? How often do they do it? Has it ever been done?

WordPress is one of the most popular of these software programs that are used to build websites. It provides a core of functions that is easy to build on, add to and tweak to your particular website’s needs. That is why we specialize in WordPress.

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