Using Let’s Encrypt with WebFaction

For a long time, users of hosting company WebFaction have been complaining about the lack of integration for the free secure certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Today, I found a new button in the website configuration screen of for my sites when the Encrypted website (https) button is selected:


After searching online a bit, on the 2nd page of results I found this September 2018 blog post by Webfaction where they announced the new option.  I guess I missed the email…?




Website Maintenance

A healthy website will be maintained daily. This includes the site to be checked for updates in the core program, plugins and themes, have any updates applied to the site, and have backups made and stored off-site for prevention of data loss in the case of a hosting server problem or for migration or import processes.

You will most likely have to add new products, make changes to pricing, descriptions, availability of products and other data on your site. You will either want to do this yourself or have an employee or the designer do it for you.


Español – Mantenimiento del Sitio



Website Development

Now that you have your site design finished, it needs to be implemented in a development environment.

I will need access to the domain name or names, hosting service, and any image CDN account if you have already obtained them, in order to set up the layout, data and functionality you decided on in your design. Otherwise I can set that all up for you, but this will be settled in the contract before we begin.

Then the site needs to be tested. And tested again. And re-tested.

Any changes needed will have to be implemented and the testing process begins again.

Once you are happy with the way it looks and responds, we can go live!

Mantenimiento del Sitio

Un sitio web saludable se mantendrá diariamente. Esto incluye el sitio que se comprobará en busca de actualizaciones en el programa principal, complementos y temas, actualizaciones aplicadas al sitio y copias de seguridad realizadas y almacenadas fuera del sitio para prevenir la pérdida de datos en el caso de un problema de servidor de hosting o ataque de piratería, o para procesos de migración o importación.

Lo más probable es que tenga que agregar nuevos productos, hacer cambios en los precios, descripciones, disponibilidad de productos y otros datos en su sitio. Usted querrá hacerlo usted mismo o tendrá un empleado o el diseñador que lo haga por usted.


English – Website Maintenance

Website Protection

If you have a business, either online or brick and mortar, or both and you have or want a website to help promote your business,how much do you know about keeping your website “healthy”?

Websites are built on software (lines of programming language codes that contain, generate and display your content, data and information.) Software is susceptible to hacking by programmers who are busily searching for websites that have loopholes in the software to exploit and gain access to the site, where they make changes to it, for personal gain, malice or to make a name for themselves.

Programmers of these software programs are constantly updating and upgrading, trying to close all the loopholes. The hackers are constantly finding new ones. It is a never-ending cycle. So, that means that websites built on these software programs must be constantly updated and upgraded too, so the hackers cannot get into them. Is there a person in your organization who does this? How often do they do it? Has it ever been done?

WordPress is one of the most popular of these software programs that are used to build websites. It provides a core of functions that is easy to build on, add to and tweak to your particular website’s needs. That is why we specialize in WordPress.

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