I have a website, what do I do now?

You have a nice website with a bright, clear CTA on the front page. What do you do next? Well, how will people see it?

You need to promote it!

Best practices say to have your website’s posts be forwarded automatically to social media to garner attention to the website, and to get it shared. If you don’t already have this automation set up, that would be the next step. It is recommended to have at least business Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you don’t want to do it yourself or don’t have time to do it, we can set up social media accounts and automation for you for a reasonable fee.

If you don’t want to set up automation, you can simply share the link to your website (and ask others to share also) via copy and paste on your own Facebook status or Tumblr account, Tweet it, put it into your Instagram bio, share with WhatsApp groups, Facebook Groups (if their rules allow it, you don’t want to get kicked out!), and so many more manual shares. Don’t forget to use hashtags!