• Using Let’s Encrypt with WebFaction

    For a long time, users of hosting company WebFaction have been complaining about the lack of integration for the free secure certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt. Today, I found a new button in the website configuration screen of for my sites when the Encrypted website (https) button is selected:   After searching online a bit, on…

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  • I have a website, what do I do now?

    You have a nice website with a bright, clear CTA on the front page. What do you do next? Well, how will people see it? You need to promote it! Best practices say to have your website’s posts be forwarded automatically to social media to garner attention to the website, and to get it shared.…

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  • 2. Website Hosting

    There are different hosting plans available through many, many different companies for varying website needs. The features and pricing vary somewhat as do sizes and quality of housing (although the prices themselves are very different!). Where cheap apartments are small and may not have room for all your “things”, there are always better plans with…

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