What is a website?

Websites are like online libraries, collections of books and catalogs. They consist of 3 major ingredients: domain name, hosting and data. The domain name (my-store.com for example) is your “address” so that people can find you by typing your domain name into a browser, which is a program that lets you “browse” through all the websites on the web. Hosting a website can be compared to renting a house or apartment. Website’s data and programs are your website’s “things” like your furniture, clothing, appliances etc, and you need a place to keep them. Pricing varies with hosting plans and the included features, as well as the company offering the plans. Data for a website is the content (text, images, links to other related websites and videos) and software program in which the content is organized and displayed in the browser. I specialize in WordPress for the software program, since I love the fact that it is built and maintained by a worldwide sharing community, and offers all the features I have ever needed for any website, either my own or a client’s.