About 15 years ago, while trying to market my small handmade gifts biz, I found that in the mini mall where I had my tiny shoppe, there were other merchants who needed marketing also. I realized during my research that websites are very expensive if you pay for someone to develop one, so expensive that it’s out of reach for many small businesses! Even if you aren’t afraid of doing it yourself, the costs can be heavy, and who has time for that learning curve when you are trying to build a business? Since I could not afford to pay for a website, I had to learn how to do it myself! I built a website to showcase our little Mom & Pop shoppes mall where my store was located. Later, I decided to build a business on helping other small businesses grow without spending thousands of dollars on a website! I also found that most website designers’ marketing uses deceptive wording; they don’t directly promise results, but they twist words and graphics to give the illusion of a “pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow” or make one think they will instantly start earning thousands of dollars overnight while they sleep once their site is live. Here’s an example: at the top of this page: We’ve Got a Proven Formula for Success to Guarantee Results for Our Clients, it says: “Proved U.S. Number 1 Company for providing innovative and 360 Degree website design solution.”.   Notice it does not specify what kind of results? But it does seem like they promise success, right? I wonder what that means…  Lower down on that page it says “Solutions That Make The World Revolve”. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But what does it mean? While I can’t truthfully promise your new site will bring you lots of money fast (NOBODY can!), it will increase your business’ exposure to many more people, especially when coupled with connected social media marketing and best SEO practices. I include keywords for your particular industry niche or locale in the right places in the site so Google and other search engines can help you be found by people who haven’t seen your physical store, but are shopping online. I also make sites responsive, which means they will be easily read and navigated on any type of device, from small smartphone screens to large desktops because the display of the website is programmed to depend on the size of screen on the device used to view the site. Bonnie is of Scottish origin meaning “beautiful, cheerful, attractive, pretty, charming”, and derives from the French word “bonne”, meaning “good”, and having roots in the Latin “bonus”. I have Scottish roots, and the word fits my finished websites, as my goal is to make them charming, pretty, and attractive. Thanks for visiting and reading my story!